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Laser cutting is one of the largest applications for lasers in material processing. Vytek offers both CO2 and fiber-based laser cutting systems, allowing a wide range of both organic and inorganic materials to be cut.

Vytek laser cutting systems are very customizable and versatile so if you don’t see what you want to cut, just ask us!

Fiber Lasers allow for a smaller beam diameter, which decreases kerf width and heat penetration, and increases throughput.

CO2 Lasers offer the ability to cut a wide range of organic materials for which fiber technologies are not suited.

No matter what material you need to cut, Vytek has an innovative industrial cutting system solution for you.

FC5110LT Fiber Laser Metal Cutting System


The FiberCAB LT Series, including the FC510LT model, provides a compact yet powerful solution for fabricators, featuring customizable laser power options.

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LST4896 CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving System

L-Star Series

The L-Star LST Series' Heavy Duty (HD) and Super Duty (SD) models boost productivity with adjustable high load tables, customizable features, and efficient fume extraction, ideal for maximizing output.

FCL Series

The  FCL Series features fiber laser cutting systems engineered for unmatched precision and efficiency in metal cutting. These systems deliver high performance and reliability for optimal productivity.

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Vytek's advanced laser systems for the metal fabrication market offer unparalleled precision and efficiency. Utilizing high-powered laser beams, these systems can melt, burn, or vaporize metal to create precise cuts, contours, and engravings. With CNC control, the laser's movement is highly accurate, making it ideal for intricate designs and rapid prototyping. Vytek's solutions cater to diverse industry needs, ensuring high-quality, clean cuts with minimal post-processing, and are suitable for various metals, including brass, copper, stainless, aluminum and steel. These systems enhance productivity and flexibility, making them essential for modern metal fabrication. 

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Using a Vytek laser to cut wood offers precise, clean, and efficient cuts with minimal waste and reduced charring. It handles complex shapes and various thicknesses, ensuring consistent quality. The non-contact process reduces tool wear and material damage. Automation and CNC control enhance productivity and ease of use. Ideal for furniture making, art, signage, and prototyping, Vytek lasers provide a safe, dust-free cutting environment.

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The Vytek L-Star and the CO2Cab laser cutting systems offer precise, clean, and efficient cuts for acrylic, with high accuracy and smooth edges. They can handle various thicknesses and complex shapes without tool wear or cracking risks. These systems are automated, user-friendly, and ensure consistent quality with minimal waste. Ideal for signage, displays, art, and prototyping, it provides a safe, dust-free cutting environment. Additionally, the L-Star excels in kiss cutting for layered materials, and the CO2Cab system enhances versatility for a variety of applications. 

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Vytek lasers are ideal for cutting foam, offering precise, clean cuts with minimal waste. Key applications include custom packaging inserts, rapid prototyping, tailored cushioning, detailed art and craft designs, and insulation panels. The non-contact process ensures no material damage, while CNC control allows for intricate designs and consistent quality. 

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For cutting textiles, the Vytek CO2 laser systems, such as the CO2Cab, are highly suitable. These lasers are designed to handle the precision and delicacy required for textile cutting, providing clean, accurate cuts with minimal fraying. The CO2 laser's ability to cut intricate patterns and handle various fabric types makes it an ideal choice for textile applications.  

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